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It was a spur of the moment writing trip taken by three old friends to the cold yet beautiful country plains and natural springs of Daylesford in rural Victoria that gave birth to Air Land Sea. Working into the freezing nights huddled around the fire in a house perched on a hill, the friends came to the realization something special was emerging. The freedom of writing for writing's sake was at once liberating and so very fruitful for the three seasoned songwriters. As the songs evolved so did the singular blend of the three voices, each taking turns at singing lead and joining in rich, three-part harmonies. The process unfolded not so much by design but through letting things happen in their own telling way – through storytelling and friendship.


Serendipity would continue to wield its hand when in the northern Autumn of 2013, the three realised they would be in Los Angeles at the same time. Eschewing the current trend of recording singles and EPs the friends decided to record a full-length album with producer Justin Stanley (Beck, Nikka Costa, Eric Clapton, Stephen Stills) at Henson Studios in Holllywood. Formerly A&M Studios, the building produced some of the classic singer-songwriter records of the 70s golden period including Joni Mitchell's Blue and Carol King's Tapestry amongst so many others. Playing most of the instruments themselves, the three invited some of their LA based musician friends to play on the record: drummer Joey Waronker (Beck, Atoms for Peace), cellist Matthew Hermelein (Lo-Fang) and pianist Jessy Carmichael (Maroon 5). 


The resulting album is a collection of songs with the confessional openness that only three best friends writing together can produce. The influence of the Californian setting for the recording is heard through its focus on warm three-part harmonies and acoustic instruments, counterbalanced by experimental textures touching on the classic psychadelia and pop of the 60s and 70s.

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Nadav Kahn began his songwriting and performing career as founding member of the art-rock band Gelbison and went on the form the Kahn Brothers and other side projects Nations By The River and, Operation Aloha and his own solo work. 


Lior has long been held as one of Australia's most cherished songwriters and performers. After releasing his fourth solo album he has recently collaborated with composer Nigel Westalake on an orchestral work entitled Compassion. Lior has since released another outstanding album of original songs and touring across Australia and in Europe.


Tony Buchen began his career by leading the band Baggsmen and is now one of Australia's most in demand record producers having made records with Tim Finn, The Preatures, Andy Bull, Montaigne and many others. 

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